Our Standards

Christian Caregiver

. No Gossip
. No Slander
. No Back-biting
. No sowing of discord (Proverbs 6: 16-19)

We do not talk to a patient about other patients we sit with.

We do not discuss patients outside of the team.

We do not discuss our schedule with patients.

We do not take upon ourselves to get outside care for the patient. Their care is the family responsibility and not ours.

We do not give or change medicine without family approval.

We have one person responsible for medicine.

We never, never, talk about another caregiver (except good) to the patient or family.

We all have burdens to carry at sometime or other in our lives, but we never talk about those burdens to the patient or their family. “We are encouragers.”

We always cover each other’s back. If one person forgets to do something, just do it. We are all good caregivers, but human. If you feel it needs attention, go to Jean St. Clair or Elizabeth Newborn (Contact Us).

There are no favorites – we are all equal in God’s eyes.