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from Donna of La Grange, NC

My sister and I were so blessed to have ladies from Christian Caregivers of Goldsboro to sit with our mom over the last year of her life. We started with a daytime caregiver, but when our mom fell and suffered a fracture, we needed 24-7 care to be able to keep her at home, and Christian Caregivers was able to provide that for us. Because of them, we were able to keep our mom at home for her last few months, and we will also be grateful to them for their help.

from Gina of Eureka, NC

Christian Caregivers were nothing short of a blessing when my grandmother needed end of life care. They provided superior care as well as love, prayers, and bereavement support for our family before and after her passing. The ladies that came to our home during her sickness became family to her and all of us and we thank God for them every day. They made her last few weeks on earth comfortable and she passed peacefully in her home, which would not have been possible without Christian Caregivers and their amazing team! We are forever grateful!

from Curtis of Loveland, CO

24 hour care became necessary after my 94 year old mother developed pneumonia. Jean and Elizabeth and Christian Care givers were a God send. Since I was so far away, it was important that I find caring sitters that could be trusted. Even though my Mom only lived 2 weeks under their care they were all top notch. Their compassion and love was very apparent. Thanks to everyone that is part of this fabulous organization.

from Pam of Jacksonville, NC

Christian Caregivers put together a wonderful team to care for my mother during her final days with us. She was able to be at home where she wanted to be thanks to those wonderful ladies.

from Jane of Raleigh, NC

I want to thank you and all the women who helped my Mom after her hip replacement surgery. From the very first night when we met at Mom’s home, my brother and I know that we were going to have a team of caregivers who had Mom’s best interest at heart. Thank you for your calm, confident outlook that things were going to be alright. Thanks also for the laughter and shared stories that were an important part of her recovery. Your faith is clearly the foundation of your mission to care for people who are in need. You have our respect and appreciation. All the best to Jean, Elizabeth, Laronda, Polly, Lue, Margie, Ann, Melissa, Alma, and Flora.

from The Edwards Family of Goldsboro, NC

On behalf of the Edwards Family, please accept our gratitude and appreciation for your support during our mother’s debilitation. We felt a deep sense of peace knowing that she received attentive care, and your continued visits to Kitty Askins were a source of comfort and encouragement. We continue to feel blessed by the friendship and love that you shared, not only with our mother, but also with the entire family. Please convey these thoughts of appreciation to all the ladies that were involved.

from Bonnie of Goldsboro, NC

Christian Caregivers are angels in disguise. They provided excellent, caring assistance to my sister-in-law as she was struggling with daily chores, errands and appointments. I would not hesitate to rely on them again.

from Lisa of Greensboro, NC

Christian Caregivers came to our rescue when our Dad, age 85, had two surgeries and a short hospital stay. Dad is the primary caregiver for Mom, age 90, who is bedridden. These wonderful, compassionate caregivers were in our parents’ home 24 hrs a day for about 6 weeks, taking care of both Mom and Dad while he recovered. What a blessing it was to have the peace of mind that both of our parents had top-quality, loving care, without the need for a nursing home. Christian Caregivers are heaven-sent angels.

from Larry of Goldsboro, NC

When we were looking for someone to help with Dad, Christian Caregivers was recommended to us. After my sister, father and I met with Jean and Elizabeth, we worked out a schedule that would allow us to remain working without worry. They had men available to help which my father preferred and the ladies filling in did a wonderful job. They were flexible in the schedule when needed and went above what was asked of them. They became more than help to us, they also became friends to all of us. I have recommended them to others in my church who may need help at some point.

from Roxanne of Goldsboro, NC

We were introduced to the Christian Caregivers back in September 2015 and used them for 6 months. Christian Caregivers was able to provide some men to help with my dad, which was more comfortable for him. They were able to step in while my brother and I worked during the day as well as when we had ministry obligations on Sundays. They took great care of my Dad and he liked to see them come and talk with them and just have company. During a hospital stay they continued their shift there and continued once home until the Lord called him home. Not only were they good for my Dad but it was a huge blessing to my family since we were not able to put our jobs on hold at that time. I would use them again if I was to have need of help and highly recommend them to anyone who needs help caring for a loved one.

from Gloria of Selma, NC

These ladies are the ones to call if you are looking for someone special to look after someone you love. Most trustworthy lady and so sweet and caring. She was wonderful with my mother, and my mother loved her. It’s very hard to find someone you can trust nowadays, these ladies provide Christian women who really care. If you are looking for help I highly recommend Christian Caregivers of Goldsboro. Thanks so much for what you do.

from Matt of Milford, CT

My wife and I just returned from visiting my parents in Goldsboro. It was our first opportunity to experience first-hand, the wonderful, giving care that Christian Caregivers has brought into our family’s home. The staff are friendly, professional, loving, and resourceful. Thanks for all that you do. It is a joy and a blessing to have you in our home.

from Jim of Denver, CO

Christian Caregivers has been a wonderful blessing to our parents and our family. When our parents had increasing needs that we couldn’t meet from so far away, we didn’t know what to do. Jean and Elizabeth came to the rescue, with such confidence and grace that we knew everything would be OK. They soon introduced a wonderful caregiver, and our parents can now stay in their home and maintain their lifestyle in Goldsboro, with assistance. Our family is so grateful to Christian Caregivers – we love you!